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The Euphoric


An escape from reality through the palate


Embark on a 'Euphoric Experience'

A feeling of radical happiness and pleasure, Euphoria. That is what we are willing to bring you with our abstract fine dining experience. An escape from reality through the palate. A multi sensory, sensual and fun theatrical dining playground. We like to play with your mind and enhance your senses. 


Once guests are seaten at a candlelit dining room, the immersive evening begins. Without giving too much away... From the ways its food is presented to the ways you go about eating it. Explore your palate with our 16 course  secret tasting menu where blindfolds may well be involved. Taking you through a journey of  different themes.


Should you be tempted to embark this Euphoric experience, go with an open mind and be ready to embrace the atmosphere of the evening.


Expect the unexpected...

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